Perfect Mix Product #808 Exposed Structure Cleaning Solutions Mixing InstructionsCeiling Cleaning and Exposed Structure Cleaning Products and Systems.

Perfect Mix™ #808 Exposed Structure Cleaner

Mixing Instructions: 

STEP ONE:  Shake or Mix (5) Five Gallon Pail of Exposed Structure Clearner for several minutes.

STEP TWO:  Mixing ratio is 12-18 ounces per gallon of water.  Use Properly vented OSHA approved Container.

STEP THREE:  Pour into an OSHA approved container the proper ratio of Exposed Structure Cleaner to water and mix well, before applying.

STEP FOUR:  Pour mixed solution into your professional sprayer, container or spray bottle and apply. 

*This product makes 53 RTU (ready-to-use) Gallons of product.

Perfect Mix 808 Exposed Structure Cleaning Solution for all types of exposed structures and more

*Mixing Instructions for Normal Cleaning, 18 ounces per gallon of water:

To clean tile, grout, sinks, urinals, shower stalls, toilets and floors, Spray , wipe or mop on surfaces to be cleaned.  Allow cleaner to penetrate for a few minutes.  Rinse off or wipe dry.

Mixing Instructions for Heavy Duty Cleaning, 12 ounces per gallon of water:

For Heavily encrusted soils and grease, agitate with a brush or mild scrubbing pad.  Allow cleaner to penetrate for a few minutes.  Rinse, Wipe Dry, Mop up or Wet Vacuum.

For Superior Results - Always test surface first before applying solution.

Use Professional ceiling sprayer and apply at 50-100psi, using flat-fan spray tips.  Remove soot and heavy dust build-up before spraying.  Cover all equipment and area other than ceiling or area to be sprayed prior to spraying.  Evenly wet the surface.  Do not over wet surface to a point where solution runs or drips off.  Extremely stained or heavily soiled surfaces may require several applications.  Always store in vented OSHA approved container.

Ceiling Cleaning and Exposed Structure Cleaning Products and Systems.

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