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Meet Mr. Bill Gassaway - Oregon Distributor

Hi, my name is Bill Gassaway, the newest Specialty Cleaning Systems Distributor located in Oregon. I have been in business since 2005 specializing in the cleaning and restoration of acoustical ceilings as well as other specialty cleaning services and have successfully built a reputation as a leader in quality and customer service for many leading restaurants, grocery store chains, schools and businesses.  Like most business owners, I am always looking for ways to improve upon the products I use and the services I deliver to my customers.  And, as a business owner I am constantly searching to find the best cleaning products for my business and employees with a focus on cleaning effectiveness and results while focusing on THE BOTTOM LINE.

Today, THE BOTTOM LINE is precisely the reason I have made the switch to Specialty Cleaning Systems, and proudly want to share it with you and others in our industry.  I have found NO OTHER CEILING CLEANING AND RESTORATION PRODUCT, that CLEANS AS EFFECTIVELY, CLEANS UP AS EASILY, AND IS SAFER FOR MY EMPLOYEES AND THE ENVIRONMENT, and more importantly, SAVES ME MONEY, I am speaking of Specialty Cleaning Systems, PERFECT MIX Product #801 Ceiling and Wall Cleaning Solution.  Not only do I SAVE on the cost of LABOR, Specialty Cleaning Systems products are more competitively priced as any on the market today. 

Just think, before I became a Specialty Cleaning Systems Distributor, I was paying $60.00 dollars a case for the other ceiling cleaner (not including shipping), that contained 20% less RTU solution, and that, was less effective and quite frankly wasn’t very friendly for myself and my employees.  Today, as a Specialty Cleaning Systems Distributor I am Paying Less than $40.00 a case including Shipping.  Now that’s real savings over the life of my business.  You owe it to yourself to get involved with Specialty Cleaning Systems and SAVE VALUABLE DOLLARS while using the BEST, MOST EFFECTIVE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CLEANING PRODUCTS and delivery BETTER RESULTS AND SERVICE to your customers. 

I was just like you, I was sold a small ineffective outdated machine, with little training that included some basic chemicals that were not very user friendly, and I know what you have went through to be able to get where you are today, but YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF, to find out that you can make a difference for you, your employees, your customers, and the bottom line savings during the life of your business.

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Bill Gassaway

Green Clean, NW


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